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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Bley Day (and a new video)

To celebrate the momentous occasion that is Bley's birthday, ZD Studios has released a video in his honour (see below):

aka: the Social Hand Grenade, the Grenade, the Social Trebuchet, Trebu-bley (and Crummers to a select few).

Bley is an absolute weapon in a social situation.  If not carefully supervised, he's liable to go "BOOM" at any moment.  He's not even a cool weapon like a flick knife or a neutron bomb. No, he's more like a landmine detonating during a kid's party: conversation comes to a standstill and small children are left traumatised and limbless.  Hence the inspired naming of Bley as "the Social Grenade", which quickly evolved into "the Grenade" and even "the Trebuchet" when he's on devastatingly bad form.

Bley, never one to mince his words, came to a memorable (and accurate) conclusion about Lord Boredom's character, saying "Stew has a vanilla personality. I don't remember him very well." He had more luck with Ian, another reprobate who's not adverse to social detonation.  As is his way, Ian added Bley on Hubclub months before actually meeting him in Upper Reality.  After hearing the "vanilla personality" story, Ian said "Bley remembers me, and I've never even met him!". Ward replied "that's because you make a nuisance of yourself on Facebook and invite yourself to his house." When they finally met at Desh's birthday, they both remarked that it was as though they'd known each other for years. Thus two weapons were beautifully fused together, like a bayonet fixed atop a rifle, or a pitbull equipped with throwing stars: Happy Bley Day everybody!

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