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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Cannons & Trebuchets

Years before Liam Fedus*, Iain Barr and the rest of Twadams built their fuck-off-massive trebuchet in the gardens of Robinson College, Rich Harris and Jeff "Ambiguous" Birchall managed to construct a working cannon. The Senior Tutor had this to say on the matter:

Dear Jeffrey and Richard,

I'm aware that the Porters on duty yesterday afternoon have for the time being taken your device. The reason that they were interested in what you were doing, in the first place, was that it was extremely noisy -- it could be heard right across the garden. In some ways I think your invention is rather enterprising; but if you could build in a silencer, or at least something to muffle the sound, it would be even more so!"

Liz Guild

soon followed by...

Dear Jeffrey and Richard,

Since contacting you earlier today, I have now had a chance to look at your device for myself, and in the light of what I have seen, I have to revise my earlier position. This is because what becomes clear to anyone who sees the scale and nature of your device is that you have unwitttingly designed a weapon.

Liz Guild

*(Wil)Liam Fedus is a bona fide Hero of ZD.  He was already pretty cool in general, but his reputation was cemented by missing a flight home for his sister's graduation so that he could build the aforementioned trebuchet.  Desh and Stoker spent their time desperately trying to impress Fedus; he was unfazed by this.

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