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Monday, 19 July 2010

It's all about Stew, it's all about Stew baby...

Hello, and welcome back. We're currently enjoying "It's All About Stew" Week here at ZD. Stew, better known to many of his fans as Boredom, often picks fault with Legendary statuses and profile boxes on the Hub. In an effort to appease him, ZD has dedicated itself to Stew this week and will be publishing the many funny things said about him, along with the many objectionable things said by him. This one's for you, Boredom.

#1 "Stew is an unmemorable and forceful lover."
#2 "All your friends think I'm ugly, but 90% of them would sleep with me" - Stew.

#3 “Stew has a vanilla personality. I don't remember him very well.” - 'Bley
#4 "I'm just a weak, weak, weak man" - Stew, Feb 2008

#5 "Last night was so much fun, but YOU made me want to slit my wrists" - Le Terick to Stew, Feb 2009
#6 "I have no qualms about battering ducks" – Stew, June 2009

#7 "There's no such thing as objectivity. It's all bollocks" - Stew. and yet...
#8 “Outside cricket and swimming, if someone disagrees with me on sport they're wrong" - also Stew.

#9 "You're entitled to your opinion - it's a free country - but your opinion may be destroyed" - Freddy to Stew during a supervision. (Stew: "as always...")
#10 "An extra hour of work!" - Stew 'Van Wilder' Walker is happy about the clocks going back.

#11 "The rash is back" - Stew's 12 year old 'mate' at the STD clinic
#12 ""I'm smug in the way beer is smug to alcoholics" – Stew (Stew is generally pretty good at analogies)

#13 - "Let's go and sit in the Romsey car park" - Stew's default 'fun' activity suggestion in third year.
#14 - "Why do you try to ruin my life? What have I ever done to you?" - Stew to Ian, Nov 2008

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