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Monday, 3 January 2011

Simon Katich's face

The saddest moment of the Ashes was when I learnt Simon Katich was injured and would play no further part in the series (the happiest moment has been most of the series, so far). He never looks pretty, and he scuttles back and forth along the crease like a crab, but I absolutely love watching him bat.

Anguish personified.
It's his face. I just love his face. Some batsman showboat and dazzle, others get their head down and stick around, but watching Katich at the wicket is something else. He's tenacious. He's tough. He's the loneliest man in the world. It's entrancing to watch; you realise you're witnessing inner turmoil live on television, that you're watching a man stand in the middle of a field while another man throws a small hard ball at him and that he's dying inside. He's an opening batsman, so you know he's going to be tough, but I've never seen such a lone wolf: he's looks like a condemned man, a prisoner on the run, with the three day stubble and long dead stare of a man who can hear the bloodhounds howling in the distance. He's determined, he's gritty, and he even throttled Michael Clarke over a song. I once saw an interview where he smiled, but I immediately banished it from my memory – it was like hearing an old lady say “Dr Shipman was always alright with me” and starting to think differently of him. Simon does not smile. Simon says... nothing, but behind the eyes he's pleading for his life.


1 comment:

  1. He's rather charming and amusing while looking tormented on the pitch.

    And now they've kneecapped him to keep Punter and Clarke happy.


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