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Monday, 7 May 2012

Edward Norton would make a great Lenin

Ed Norton as Derek Vinyard in American History X;
Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov as Vladmir Lenin in Serious Soviet Mode.

Ed Norton would make a superb Lenin. He's known for playing intelligent but troubled characters (Fight Club, American History X, 25th Hour) and shares with Lenin the same steely, intense gaze. Lenin was characterized as possessing enormous self-confidence, determination and focus, all traits that Norton portrays well.

He'd make a better Lenin than Patrick Stewart,
who played him in Fall of Eagles.
In Alan Bullock's Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives, he writes that "one of the intriguing 'might-has-beens' of history is what would have happened if Lenin had been born a German into the most highly industrialized country in Europe, with the largest working-class movement, instead of in Russia, the most backward and so least promising country in which to launch a Marxist revolution." 

Now that would be a good film. Somebody should make an allohistorical epic speculating about the turn European history might have taken if Lenin had been born in, say, Prussian Berlin in 1870 - on the eve of the birth of the German Empire - instead of in Simbirsk, deep inside Tsarist Russia. After the First World War, Germany witnessed a widespread wave of social protest, but it lacked a leader capable of organising the masses into an effective political force. If Lenin had seized power in Germany in 1919, rather than in Russia in 1917, how would the twentieth century have played out? Would the Nazi Party have even existed, or would its short lived predecessor (the DAP) have been crushed in its infancy? Would the Second World War have taken place? If so, along what lines? What would have become of Stalin, of Hitler? Would Wernher von Braun have stayed in Soviet Germany (Deutschland Rat?) and put a German on the Moon? Would Europe still be under the yoke of Communism in the 21st Century?  Somebody should make this film, and Norton should play Lenin.

Whilst I was writing this, I searched for "Lenin Edward Norton" to see if anybody else had had the same thought (apparently not), but I did stumble across this fucktarded gem of a page. Now, I'm no expert on biorhythym cycles, but apparently Lenin and Norton are very physically compatible every two weeks. That's nice.


  1. This is AMAZINGLY true!

  2. Good insight, I would love to see that film, it packs a very interesting history twist. And yes, Edward Norton would make a great Lenin.

    Just considering would happen, I just don't think it would have had such a big impact in the world. Russia may have been underdeveloped and rural and Germany might have been poor and with a big working class movement. But don't forget the difference in motivation between both groups and Lenin's Russian legacy is the Soviet Union, a country that went from being medieval to putting a man in space in some 50 years.

    A communist Germany in the still Imperial Europe would be supressed by the countries around it, especially if it would still enter WWI. Also when compared to the Soviets, due to their smaller size the Germans would have a harder time spreading their ideology, the vastness of the former also ment a fast spread alongside it's long border. (Eastern Europe, Afghanistan (attempted), Mongolia China, North Korea)

    It's hard to find in history a country so big and so susceptible for such a big uprising and endeavour.

  3. soulwaves2000 (IMDB)31 October 2012 at 22:28

    I'm reading through the threads and thinking wtv, wtv, yours I was oh *beep* gimme a break and as I was clicking next page I thought, wait a sec... *beep* that's a great idea! That's a really great *beep* idea! lol

  4. Don't even have to read why... just 5 minutes ago i was thinking about how much I would love to see him do a lead role in a biopic. This is perfect.

  5. This never even entered my mind and now I can't stop picturing him as Lenin.


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